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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charters at their very best with Captain Ray aboard the Pirate Clipper.   You learn why so many of Captain Ray's customers return year after year to fish for Walleye, Steelhead, Perch, and Smallmouth Bass on the western and central basins of Lake Erie.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter success!!!

Captain Ray Leach
Vessel: Pirate Clipper
37' Tollycraft

Please come join Captain Ray for an exciting day on a Lake Erie Fishing Walleye Charter.  You day will be spent in comfort on the 37 foot Pirate Clipper.  This is a large boat that was designed for the ocean and is an excellent smooth or rough water boat.  There is a large cabin with a couch, chairs, and a private bathroom that gives you all the comforts of home.   Whether you bring your friends, your family, your employees, or your customers, you will have a great time.  Captain Ray's many years as a fishing charter captain gives him the experience to give you a trip to remember.   Why fish for walleye and perch aboard a small open Lake Erie Charter Boat when you can seek out those Trophy Walleye in comfort aboard the Pirate Clipper.

                                                 LAKE ERIE WALLEYE FISHING CHARTERS

Fishing is great on Lake Erie and seems to just get better every year.  The lake is famous for its great Walleye fishing.  Lake Erie has earned the title of being the Walleye Capital of the World.  Walleye Fishing from the Pirate Clipper so far has shown why this is true.  According to The Ohio Department Of Natural Resources Lake Erie has some of the largest specimens of Walleye in the Great Lakes.  Walleye charters in search of trophy fish produce many huge walleye suitable for both the wall or for on the table. 

                                                  LAKE ERIE PERCH FISHING CHARTERS

Lake Erie still offers some of the best yellow perch fishing available.  Spend the day and take home plenty of Lake Erie Yellow Perch.  No time to clean your catch, we will call the fish cleaners, they pick up your catch at the boat, and you can pick it up on your way home, ready to cook!

                                                  LAKE ERIE STEELHEAD FISHING CHARTERS

Steelhead fishing on Lake Erie had become one of the finest sports fishing adventure available.  In search of the elusive 'Silver Bullet' or Steelhead has become a truly great fishing experience.  The Steelhead is becoming one of the most sought after fish in Lake Erie.  Call Captain Ray for more information.

                                                  LAKE ERIE FISHING CHARTER SERVICES

We follow the fish to give our customers the best opportunity to catch their limit or their trophy fish.  We start out the season in April with the Pirate Clipper being at Anchors Away Marina located near Catawba Island and Marblehead.  This gives our customers the opportunity to fish both the Western and Central Basin of Lake Erie. In September we move to Vermilion to give them the opportunity to catch trophy walleye, steelhead and perch.

We are a full time charter service, we fish seven days a week so we can accommodate any schedule.  We specialize in trolling for walleye but also offer casting trips.  Our captain has many years of experience and is ready to help you have a wonderful fishing charter.

                                                    LAKE ERIE CHARTER AND GUIDE SERVICES

LAKE ERIE WALLEYE CHARTERS                                                                LAKE ERIE PERCH CHARTERS

LAKE ERIE STEELHEAD CHARTERS                                                            LAKE ERIE SMALLMOUTH CHARTERS


Call Captain Ray now at (419) 350-2167 to book your Lake Erie Fishing Charter.  Whether you are looking for Walleye, Steelhead, Perch, or Bass, you will have a great time aboard the Pirate Clipper.  Call now!
Capt. Ray Leach

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